I was ten years old when I first went to Disneyland. What wonders stood before me! How could I possibly describe what I saw to my friends and family back home? They would never believe me! My mother took me by the hand and asked me what I wanted to bring home from Disneyland as a souvenir. I wanted something special, something that would always remind me of this magical moment, a Mickey Mouse camera. The first camera I owned.

My mother gave me my first Mickey Mouse camera. I fumbled to hold onto its large ears. I was trying to take my first picture, the anticipation of what I might capture made it all worthwhile. I took that camera everywhere with me; taking off-focus shots of birds, flowers, rocks or whatever was in front of me. I was always excited when my mother took me to get my package of pictures. I reveled in the fuzzy images and joyously shared them with everyone. It was amazing to me that I could capture what I saw and share it with someone else. It was like sharing a feeling, a thought, a part of me.

Fast forward to present time:

This time my mother gave me my first digital camera. It isn't as awkward to hold (no mouse ears). I take it everywhere with me; taking shots of birds, flowers, rocks, or whatever is in front of me. This time they're in focus. I am always excited when I get home and download my pictures into my computer. I revel in the images I capture and joyously share them with everyone I know. It is amazing that I can capture what I see and share it with someone else. It is like sharing a feeling, a thought, a part of me.

Photography always brings me to wonderment and awe; where everything is art, the inner child's playground. I still have my Mickey Mouse camera; a cherished symbol of magical possibilities.

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